Thursday, December 25, 2008

Going... Going... But not yet gone.


I have been working steadily in the wilderness since April 2008. I have been traveling in a tight-knit community for the past 2,5 months. I have most recently arrived in Everglades City, Florida for two.five months of work with the NCOBS Sea Programs which was kicked off for me with a returning staff expedition through the saw grass swept Everglades, into the back bays of the Gulf of Mexico, I leave tomorrow for a week long Kayaking course in the Bahamas and... I am tired.


That was a mouthful - or, rather, a keyboard full...
I am tired, but not down for the count. I am worked, but not- over worked. I am sloughing off the crisp (as opposed to shielding from the burnout; no burnout yet...). It has been forever since I have posted anything here and I deeply want to catch up with my loved ones and family and all of those whom I cherish.


So, my new year's resolution is to continue improving the quality of my work at NCOBS, while also improving my communication (AND face time) with my peeps, while realizing my plans to pace myself and enjoy life to its fullest.

You see, my Kayaking course falls over Nw year's, so I won't be around to share this resolution with you in person- but ahead of time, so that we'll all know where I am at with all of this stuff.
I regret not being in more touch, and this plan is going to address my lack of "hellos", etc.

To work the internet angle of things, I will also be posting photos and stories of this previous year's adventures here for all of us to see, share and understand.


And a heads up: this Spring I have been contracted to instruct my first OLC. This means in March I will be instructing for 55 consecutive days, 60 in total after all of the planning is accounted for. This course will officially go from March 6- April 28th. I plan to rest just before and immediately after the course, so, I hope to be spending time with you folks. Let;s be in touch about shcedules and whatnot because I really want to hear from/be with/see all of you.... really.


So, it is Christmas Day, 2008, and I write to you from my little cottage on Sunset Island in Everglades City, Florida. I hope for you a day to remember, a day to celebrate, and a day to focus on your families as a prioroity. I miss you all very much and I hope you will refer to my posting about the Mountains and Valleys.

To conclude.

I have been to my first small "summit" at NCOBS-- two years of working, serving, and being in and out of contact. Before I push my "professional altitude" to new heights in April, it is my hope that I can proverbially (and who knows, maybe literally), come down to the valley and plains to use my experiences from the mountains and seas to live a richer life outside of that wilderness...
I hope we can all go to the wilderness together someday.

I miss you. I am still out there- growing and fostering growth in others, and I want you to know I care. Have a safe and merry Christmas and may this be a time to focus on our priorities...
For all who do not celebrate Christmas, I am eager to celebrate with you and learn about your traditions, I hope for you a place of focus on what matters in your lives too.

With much love,

alias alias alias

Post Script:

Please e-mail your physical address to with the subject saying:
"address book." I want to have a log of your places to send mail - it's time to write my friends. It is my time to write. Miss you...