Monday, November 11, 2013

Well... And so we meet again (insert big smile). This post has been incubating for nearly two years, as this post come to you from nearly the end of the world. Literally in the middle of nowhere Argentina, or as the locals prefer: General San La Madrid. This morning my climbing partners and I landed in Buenos Aires- the capitol city of Argentina... after an all too familiar process of actually finding what we were looking for: Rental Car, Mondey "exchange", directions to leave, and some overcast skies. Alas, us gringos planned a day by U.S. timeline expectations.... what a rookie move! One thing is for sure - if you come to this country, seeking adventure or not, this country will shatter your expectations, show you what really matters in life, force you to see the opportunity in the now and in hard, dedicated work - and you will find that something you are seeking. What a metaphor! We fully plan to apply this ethos to the mountain, as in 4 days, we will be on Cerro San Lorenzo´s terms... Allow me to introduce you to our friend San Lorenzo and her three summits, at least two of which we aim to experience/summit, if permitted. Ringing in at 3,000+ Meters (13,000 some feet), Cerro San Lorenzo at first listen may not sound like much. But when one considers 65+ knot winds on the summit, a mix of inter-mountain accumulation with maritime precip.... and a near vertical eastern head wall.... one quickyl realizes it is anyone (or anything) but you that determines the conditions for a summit possibility. Only the mountain, and her sister - the wind, and her brothers rain and freezing temperature can offer us the fortune to commune. At 5:30 a.m. we depart tomorrow for my beloved San Carlos de Bariloche to stage for our Patagonian ascent - food purchasing, final gear sort, packing, and final beta gathering will happen here. I have many close, esteemed, and loved friends who live in the town of Bariiloche, and I so look forward to seeing them after many years in the States. Rumor has it Josh Wharton and company are hanging onthe east side of the Lorenzo as well, so perhaps gringos unite in an attempt to get to know this beautiful mountain a little better. May we be better for it. May we have the gift of life continued so as to share the moments - these moments of advenutre together as a brothehood on the rope, and with our friends and family upon our safe return.... Mucha suerte a todos, y que pouden disfrutar la historia nuestra de este aventura tn beuna y tan durissimo. Abrazote, Kev...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I have been gone for a while...     Soon to be back. SummitsBeyond is still kicking. Still here. A little inspiration while some Fall Housekeeping is much in order... STAY TUNED for more inspirational interviews, trip reports, and promotion of finding oneself through adventure...

-The Summits Beyond Team

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Featured Adventurer: JULY

    Interview and photos with Stephanie to follow as our Featured Adventurer posts continue, stay tuned for next August's Summits Beyond Featured Adventurer announcement!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

NCOBS throwback: My name is "O"

"O" lays down some lyrics as we wait for banquet at Cedar Rock, 2009.

Remote signal faded, yet transmission strong... ...


It has been quite the time passing since my last writing...

 Summits Beyond is now officially back in production with lots brewing for the summer! 
 I hope you will be interested to dust off this ole' web address and entice yourself to follow along with the latest "what's the what"with me and those associated with Summits Beyond.

Lots of Program Administration on the professional side of things. Outdoor Action at Princeton is in full-bore swing as we prepare for Frosh Trip.

Several  friends have been able to visit Chateau Kshon in Hopewell, and it's been great!

Recent guests include:
  • Alexis Jean Cymbolin
  • Kelly Biasiolli
  • Sheamus Burns
  • Mike & Lauren Neuvel
  • Jim Madison

As Summer carries on past its own height (as in, the equinox was nearly a week ago), the heat swelters on in New Jersey, but so too do the adventures up ahead. Stayu tuned for trip reports from:
  • regular climbing trips at the Gunks in New York
  • new adventures in surfing (my next new sport!)
  • sea kayaking around the greater NYC area
  • 2 weeks of Outward Bound work in July
  • a Fall trip back to Patagonia, objective: Cerro San Lorenzo

Well now, the Summer/Fall trips list should keep me quite busy. What adventures do you have planned? Backpacking Europe? Learning how to knit? Maybe Alpine summits in New Zealand? Perhaps learning a new language? Adventures await around every corner... 

See you there,

Kevin Shon

Thursday, February 14, 2013

...and We're Back!

Summits Beyond is back on the scene and with significant updates. I (KMS) have recently started a full-time gig as Program Coordinator for an Outdoor Program of a University in the northern mid-Atlantic region. As this move takes me one step out of the day-to-day practice of facilitating courses, it is an amazing step in the direction of fostering student growth and leadership, and being a part of an long-standing outdoor program of high quality.

Expect to hear some noise from Summits Beyond as this new "peak" invites new vision, new creation, new discovery, and of course, new insight that comes from learning - and learning the way we know best: Experientially.

Glad to be back,

Kevin Shon

Summits Beyond

Up Next: Trip leading Adventures in Florida...