Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Images of Experience and Education.

Good People,

Summits Beyond has traditionally been a way for me to express my thoughts and adventures as I attempt to make greater sense of my world and my  life as someone who is committed to intentionally living outside of my comfort zone searching for growth and development; both at a personal and community-based level.

I will also say that this blog has become, as of late, more of a space to give brief updates on the latest "status update"/whereabouts related to me and my surroundings. This format no longer works for me. My hope is that you, my friends and community who follow my whereabouts internetically will be able to stay abreast to my happenings via in-person contact, letter writing, or phone conversation.

Summits Beyond strives to reach its next evolution: A forum to present both personal stories of others, as well as my own in which people (and other creatures) are finding growth on the edge of their comfort zone and realizing those "summits" in our lives that define our direction, mission, purpose, and self-realization*.

"What does it all mean?"

Well, Summits Beyond will soon begin interviews, essays, presentations, and photo journalism highlighting life on the edge, life in progress, and lives of learning all in the name of better understanding the world around us, our community, and what it all means...

Stay tuned for a new look, and new twist, and an additional purpose as this web log transforms from personal digressions to a newer, community-based site designed specifically to build a sense of community while embracing the unknown.

We hope this entry finds you well, contemplative, and ready for the summits beyond...

In Adventure,

Kevin Shon
Editor-in chief