Friday, December 14, 2007

A Nor'easter, eh?

Special Thanks to Adam Pellillo for this beautiful photo of the Cheat River, taken from Snake Hill.

Wow -- ice storms, heavy winds, snow, sleet, slick roads, "buy your milk and eggs,"... What is to come of this "wintry mix"? I hope that you and yours will take measures to protect yourselves throughout the country, wherever you are- be it Vermont, new Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, The rest of New England, the mid-Atlantic... I mean EVERYWHERE!

Very chilly weather comes down, as spirits go up...for some faiths and creeds the winter festivities have already begun! I wish and pray for you the happiest togetherness, times for reflection, peace, and celebration!

I will be staying put in Virginia to be with family for Christmas. I am so excited to have many a great book to dive into this winter... I am currently reading:

After these, I will attempt to tackle:

All the while, I hope to be practicing:


Anyway, these are my reading/academic goals right now, other than studying to re-take the GRE, and eventually apply to grad schools down the road...

I dunno..... the options are endless.....

To all of you who are with loved ones during these winter holidays- be safe, be merry, celebrate. Breath is life.

So be it,


p.s. What is new with you? Let a guy know...

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