Monday, January 21, 2008

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Tomorrow, I go back in to the field for 5 days, working the second episode of Ransom of the Everglades 5 day GEP (Group Education Program) contract. I only have one measely picture to show you from session I depicting our innovative sleeping systems known as "boarding up" where we place planks of wood coated with Nautical grade sealant perpendicular to our canoes which becomes our floating home for the night. Yes - our "home" where we cook food, set up tents, use the bathroom, and store 5 days worth of supplies underneath. Pretty crazy; and by crazy I mean Amazingly awesome. This boarding system allows us to sleep, permit free, within the boundaries of Everglades National Park. The boards are normally stored underneath all of our equipment in the hull of the canoes.... so giving students opportunitites to set them up self-reliantly without aid from their instructors is a great team-building initiatve!

Check it...

And a few from my new satff training!

Jeff & Lindsay @ Gullivan Key

Josh Brown, Kelly, and Merle... Panther Key!

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Megan said...

Hey bro, I'm not familiar with the boarding technique. Is that pic the boats lashed together and boarded?!!? If you get any more, post them up. Hope things are well!