Wednesday, February 13, 2008



me and two buddies from NCOBS (Lee & Bernie) drove to Marathon Key to see my friends Jessica and Thomas and Dan. We did. It was awesome. Then, we went to Key West for the night. It took me a second to remember the layout of the place, but after all of that? I remembered. It was fun. We stayed the night at a hotel on Duval St. fun times... We drove back through a monsoon. It flooded our base camp and made ouyr power go out. Scary. ...



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Martha said...

I have to tell you, Kevin, that this is the most inspiring post you've had thus far.
How was that drive!? Only done it once before, but, as I remember, it was LONG! So sorry to hear of your inclement weather! When do you finish down south and head back up to North Cackalacky!?