Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Almost Time Folks!

So, Team,

The time is now for me to send a little update... Lightning round stylee...


26-Jan 9: Was in Exmuas, Bahamas instructing an 8 -day Sea Kayak course. New Year's near Stocking Island was amazing! One of our student's, literally, found a message in a bottle... I saw my first water spout, in-person. Dark skies on te last night of course... "like, yikes Scooby!"...

Jan-February: Working in South Florida for NCOBS Sea Programs: 5 day "Group Education programs," working with local private schools, teacing about South Florida Ecology and local lore of Everglades City... what a wild, wild place... *** I will include photos below that depict some views of our EOBC (Everglades Outward Bound Center) Base camp living situation...

Feb-March: I was in Vermont for 1.5 weeks! I stayed with Jarod and Joanna, which was AMAZING. I met some of the most amazing people I have met in a really long time... good friends, beautiful people, I am excited to go back and visit soon! On my way up, I visited with Heather Rudzinski and Christa Ricker, two of my best friends in New Hampshire... I would have seen the one and only Brent Bell, but alas, time shall be on our side for the next passing... On my way down from, I stayed with the wonderful, amazing, ever-inspiring Jess Ross...... AMAZING TIMES!

I was also in West Virginia, visitng my "WV Family," lots of my friends from college were around so we went to my favorite eatin' spot- Black Bear Burritos... hung out on evening with Adventure West Virginia Leaders and spoke a bit about Environmental Interpretation... 'twas a good time, truly. All the while I stayed with my good friends Greg and EmilyCorio (They're having a baby in two months!!! WOOOOHOOOO!). Although it was sweet, it was also a very short visit. I look forward to more next time... Thanks Forrest, Nathan, Joe, Traci, Gin, Elaine, Jan, Carol, Stace, Tom, Greg and Emily and EVERYONE who came out - it was lovely to see you....

Then I spent about 5 days or so in Manassas, VA, my home town. It was there that I visited with both of my dear grandmothers. They are so sweet... I miss them a lot. My parents are doing really well also and it was so nice to see them... I do want to shout out to the Chamberlain Clan. I missed you all this time, butget ready, because in May? I am coming over! This time I hope there is a Molly and a Maggi and a Travis in the house!!!!!! :) And of course a Mr. and Mrs. C :) And cute doggie :) Lucy :) hehe..... she's so cute.

As for now? I am in "pre-course" planning for four days, before instructing my OLC: Outdor Leadership Course at NCOBS. a 50-day course designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to attain entry-level positions at outdoor education facilities around the industry. WFR, Group management, technical expedition skills and interpersonal processing/facilitation skills will be some of many foci for this course. It is truly an honor to be offered this opportunity, and I am ever-grateful for my school (NCOBS), my co-instructor, course director and the entire team that makes this thing happen... Thank you in advance for the next amazing 50 days... Here is a link to the course description from our website:

On this note, I WOULD LOVE TO RECEIVE MAIL FROM YOU! PLEASE! Letters in the field?! Oh my gosh, they really make my week/month... for serious.... :) so.... Please, you can send snail mail to:

Kevin Shon
c/o North Carolina Outward Bound
P.O. Box 279
Jonas Ridge, NC 28641

and larger packages should be sent to our town office address:

Kevin Shon
North Carolina Outward Bound
2582 Riceville Rd.
Asheville, NC 28805

Please, do send letters! ...50 days people!! That's a long time!

Okay... So, as promised... some Florida Pictures, and some Table Rock pictures- my mountains base camp:

Do you know Farlin Black? :)

This was my house this year- the upper left room....

This is one reason they call it "Sunset Island."

Josh Harris with his shoulder all laid up, but he still dances pretty seriously.... This is a room called the "Sinker" ...

Bern dogg- my buddy Bernie....shaken, not stirred....

"High School Dance" as perfomed by Mary McWay and John Porter :)

THIS is why we call it "Sunset Island"... dime a dozen around there.....

And now for Table Rock.......

Our Staff Lounge (above) and Hot Tub (smaller wood structure)

My humble little cabin for this year (door on the left) All by myself! Big old bed! Sweet!

My humble cabin (on left) from last year... I'll miss it but I need some "no-roomies" time for a summer...

My buddy, Clay, on his porch playing Harmonica-- he is our L5, or logistics specialist, level 5 -- aka Second in charge of makin' it all happen for Logistics support! (Big man on base camp) :)

The mighty Table Rock looms 400 in the air -- a view from my front porch... no leaves yet means yo can see the entire Eastern Ridgeline of the Lineville Gorge- where I live... Amazing!
Come visit!!! More photos and updates from the field to come!!!! :)

That's all for now..... much love,


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Elizabeth said...

Hey Champion I didn't know about your Blog, I was actually trying to find the Sunset Island Times Blog and instead found yours! BTW this is Lark using Lizzys computer. I'm up at Cedar Rock listening to Jazz next to the fire surfing the net. I think of you often and hope you are well. We have a good soul connection KShon, make sure to send me a line sometime and take care of yourself and the family your creating down south. I love and miss your physical presance. -Lark