Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hello out there from NCOBS land!!!

Well, I have my fall/winter schedule. For those interested please remember that my schedule is due to change- I have about 20 days before I need to confirm this schedule. if you would like to do something with me, I would love to! But, we should start making plans soon so I can make it work with my schedule :) and yours :) :)

Okay so here goes....

Episcopal: 8/21-8/27

Blue Ridge School: 9/13-9/18

Cannon School: 9/23-9/28

Woodberry: 10/4-10/10

Saint Phillips: 10/13-10/19

Florida New Staff Training: 1/4-1/11

Ransom I: 1/13-1/19

Ransom II: 1/20-1/26

Savannah: 2/2-2/8

Berkeley Prep Leadership: 2/13-2/19

Support Staff: 2/22-2/19

Canterbury: 3/1-3/7

Palmer Trinity: 3/10-3/16

A Calendar will soon follow (for all of us visual processors out there!)

These dates are liable to change.... but .... the sooner I confirm them, the less likely they are to change for me.

I miss you all very much. I am realizing how important you all are to me by not being able to be in proper touch (I live in the woods!!!!)... so I would love to see you.

I have a lot of work offered to me- which is a blessing. This is a really good sign... I am honored with this job and with this amount of work- but I am equally honored to have you in my life.

I can not stress enough... IF YOU WANT TO GET TOGETHER- please let me know :)

Quick daily update:

Yesterday- Zach and I ran 7 miles after bouldering for the afternoon, then we blew a tire on a company truck on accident (a low lying rusted old pole was barely peeking out of the ground and snagged the side wall- pretty hard to see in any case)...


Today- Zach and I went sport climbing at Hawk's Bill Mountain- a beautiful area... we pulled hard and I am now really tired.

Tomorrow: Old Crow medicine show in Boone- need I say more?

Miss you all,

Kevsky Shonovich

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Shadow said...

You are a pretty good writer Kevin. I remember when I started at NCOBS, I was going to memorize the readings book, do pull up every-time I left the room or entered it, and couldn't understand what my professors meant when they asked me what I was going to do after Outward Bound....what? There's no AFTER dudes...

It is hard to have one foot in one world and another at NCOBS. Ultimately one must make choices...I choose to stay and let go of a lot of relationships. Whatever, it was worth it most of the time, but there is a psychic pricetag on saving the world, and you will need to ask just who in the hell you are saving it from or for. Fun thoughts from you cyber pal. Cheers!