Monday, September 28, 2009

There are other summits the horizon now shows...

Hello all,

Broadcasting from Everglades City, Florida...

Kev here, and I will start off saying this is gonna be short. But, more to come without a doubt. So, am in pre-course prep at NCOBS for our International Leadership Semester. This means I am the Florida phase instructor who is doing most of our prep (packing out gear, food planning and packout, route selection, curriculum development, etc.) before the semester proctor, Calvin, arrives.

After my buddy Calvin shows up, wehave one day to meet up, hang out, chat and chill and organize what our course vision will look like. Sounds easy enough... perhaps? Then we expedition for two weeks, over 70 miles from the Southwestern tip of the Florida mainland northwesterly towards Everglades City. Good stuff..... We will then wrap up the Florida phase and fly south to Patagonia... Specifically, to Bariloche, Argentina where Calvin and the students will take it from there, mountaineering and Alpine climbing and such. I will be their logistics support and live at our basecamp there in Bariloche and re-ration their resupplies, climb in my off time, and attend Spanish classes.... with dreams of returning for more work (hopefully some Backpacking and Service courses we offer down there...)

That's the quick and skinny for now.... photos, stories, and aspirations to come- one of which? ..... (applying to Grad. school.......!!!)

Much love,


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