Friday, October 23, 2009

Viva La bariloche!

Que Tal hombres?

Estoy en Bariloche, Argentina por los maises de Octubre y Noviembre!
The weather here is simply smashing (rainy, cold, snowy, amazingly spring!). I hope to upload some photo and video to showyou a bit of my encounters here :)

Meanwhile, I am taking Spanish lessons, about two times a week for two hours per session, and I am helping out around the NCOBS base here. Lucila, my boss is simply amazing. Actually, now that I think ofit, every single person I have met so far is ABSOLUTELY amazing. I have a bike to borrow to ride the several kilometers to my lessons, lvie near a bus stop on the outskirts of downtown, and I am really happy here right now. I hope, soon, to be able to type all of this in Spanish. I am attemptingto upload a video on to Facebook right now that shows you some of the high winds and snow, but ... alas, the internet esta no rapido. So, we'll see what I can whip up.

Hope you are well, I will also be thinking hard (hopefully without hurting anything), and posting to my other blog Gradus ad Conscientia. A Blog about education and expriential learning.

Chau chau for now y grande abrazos!


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