Friday, September 3, 2010

Hola De San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina!

Back to the land o' lakes, and I'm not talkin' 'bout Minnesota...

I landed safely, touching down shortly after 1:45 pm in Bariloche, only to have my friends Maria & Eduardo pick me up at the airport - que bueno! And after that? We went to El Colegio Del Sol, where Pili is a 4th grade teacher...

Her students remembered me from my last visit to which a few exclaimed ''It's Kevin! Kevin is here!'' and, as Pili had her back to the classroom door, she looked over her shoulder in GREAT surprise! Yesssss..... Together again Otra Vez!

Before departing for Argentina, I climbed for three days with some good friends from North Carolina, and then headed up to Morgantown, W.V., where I saw MORE good friends. Our friend Forrest's band (The Soul Miners) played through the night as we boogied and caught up. I had the good fortune to meet the fiancee of my good friend Mary Brys, el, se llama ''Christian.'' The next morning it was breakfast at Bob Evan's and it was off to visit Greg and Emily Corio and their little boy Bryce, who is getting bigger by the day!

Speaking if getting bigger by the day, Pili's daughter, Margarita? Wow. SO BIG! I will post some pohots to follow this post...

After a slightly stressful drive home, due to the long story of me losing my wallet for 24 hours, I finally made it home to Manassas, where my parents still live. Reason being for my stressful drive is that during the time span of my lost wallet, I cancelled by bank card, thus nixing my ability to withdsrawal cash from an ATM. Therefore, writing paper checks is such an archaic method of payment with today's technology, that there were a few close calls with a quarter tank of gas, at 1130 pm, with an electronic check proceessor that repeatedly rejected my paper checks... ARGH!!!! FInally, I sucked it up and went to a BP. I know. BP! I get it... but at midnight after driving for over 7 hours back and forth across all of WV and VA, I just told myself it was a private gas station, subsidizing their fuel stock from before the oil spill, and that... they couldn't be held accountable for something that BP, HALIBURTON; and TRANSOCEAN did to our earth.

So... that was that, and then I made it to my folks house, several hours later.

Life down here? Is going to be exciting. It is still darn chilly in the mornings as Spring attempts to make an appearance only in the afternoons... it is still dark until about 815 am, and

Well, that's just the quick update, more to follow you crazy peeps I care about so much!

Until then, Hasta luego!


Super Margarita!

The House! Small, but comfy - beautiful!

Margarita is ready for school!

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