Monday, December 5, 2011

Buried Treasure...

Time to cath a speeding plane. this update will be completed tomorrow.

Quick run down:

Air plane
las vegas
Red Rocks
Lots of Pitches
Buried Treasure
Hi Ben Gardner!
I missed you Kat!
Clmbing tomorrow? Sweet Place
Wow- 25 dollar boot rentals? But I have never ridden AT setup before
23 F, hundreds of cold smoke vert in my face!
Double Eject!
Bye Ben, will miss you Kat
Ben cant wait to climb again with ya
Drive Safe
Misssed you STEPH!
Hi Angela, so amazing to meet you
Hi cool person sitting next to me
we'll talk the whole flight. Weird. Cool.
Dallas Ft. Worth...wait, boarding already?!?!?!

More in a sec. ...

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