Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where is Kshon?

HEY PEOPLE! So, Feliz Navidad, merry Christmas, happiest of Chanukah! All of this... 

Where have I been? I was recently in North Carolina, taking my SPI exam with the AMGA. This was after my climbing trip with Stephanie Maltarich, but before my flight to Argentina. In fact, I actually delayed my flight by a week at a very low cost... This allowed me to climb more, see friends in Asheville, and spend Christmas time celebration-type stuff with my parents and family friends in the immediate Manassas, VA area. Cha-CHING! This is what I have been up to. Quite simple, but complicated enough to explain... One often needs a flow chart or a wipe-off board with crazy NFL-looking Playbook-like scribbles to begin to put a chronology to my escapades... 

Speaking of Escapades... I do not plan on ice skating any time soon... however I did just receive this book for Christmas from mis padres, and I am totally siked to hop on some sick ICE when I am down south:

This book is an introductory book on Ice Climbing technique and training. Although I have gotten my "feet wet," with ice climbing, so to speak, I am at a point of self-education to make more sound decisions while moving on ice... 

I may even just write a book review here afterward, so stay tuned and check back for little lessons I generate here based on what I learn from the book!

So - what's next?!  You may be tempted to ask me... 

     Go ahead. 


....................... ........................... ........................... 

OKAY! I'll Tell you!

 I am going to fly to South America on December 28th, and then take a bus on December 29th from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. A 19-hour bus trip across the country is an inexpensive and romantic way to view the Argentinian countryside. 

 Once I am there, it will be time to a) Celebrate New Year's! b) Re-acquaint myself with friends in town, c) Climb a bunch, and d) Climb a BUNCH! 

 In addition, I will continue to paddle with PURA VIDA PADDLING. Paddling day trips and such with clients from around the world. 

 I DO  look forward to being in touch with each and everyone of you, so if you need to contact me, the best way to do it is through e-mail and skype. 


skype: kshon.     (with dot).

So, for now this is what I have for you. Stay tuned, be updated more with photos and stories... but until then, buena suerte y un abrazo fuerte!



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