Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... the sound of relaxation

Cows.Tires.Cajun food.Long afternoon runs. These are the topics of today folks. These are good topics.

I slept in today, enjoying my time off from the ranch.

Upon my waking, I drove to town (Stemboat Springs) to Bob's Conoco- they repaired my tire and checked the others. NO LEAKS :) Conoco- hmmmm...is that who USA has a beef with right now? The whole Venezuela thing? I dunno... but they fixed my tires! Maybe they're an independent franchise... let's just pretend... My friend Steve Cole suggested I go there- he worked there about 15 years ago, and swears by them. If this angers you... you can beat him up :) ...


During the tire repair, I mosied on to a New Orleans style Bistro- Sun Pies. Sun Pies is located on Yampa Avenue. My buddy Zach, a chef here at the ranch is from Lafayette, Louisiana and he highly recommended the place. It was GREAT! If you are ever in Steamboat Springs, and this place is still around, GO. I had a great po-boy which really necesitated an afternoon workout...


Back in Clark, repaired tire, all others good to go. I am now switched in to "running mode": shorts, hat, all that- I go for a nice cruise... only about 2.5 to 3 miles, but for a "flat lander" starting my running routine back up after a few months, 2.5 is a good clip for me. I love where I run right now, and I wish you could be here. Country roads, dirt, ranches everywhere...

When I run, I pass our local watering hole, past the firehouse, past the Home Ranch, hang a right at the Clark Store (the only gas station in 15 miles/general store), past the local Charter School (more on that later), and all the way to past the Stranahan's house to the Gravel Pit.
The Stranahans own the Home Ranch, and 98% of Clark, thought knowing that would help...

The coolest part of my whole run is the cows and horses lining both sides of the road. Some of them look at me in awe, some in apprehension, some are not sure if they should join me or not...

I talk to them. Mostly just like you would talk to a puppy: "Hi!...c'mon, let's run!" stuff like that. Does that sound weird? I don't think so... I mean they are actually pretty cute, baby cows, families of horses are trying to comprehend just what this running object is, and why it is doing that.

So, needless to say, it was another good day in Clark. I leave soon. I'll miss this enchanted land, but am excited to return home, start the next chapter, and cruise on..... More Adventure around the corner!!

One love,


p.s. hope this story was less "rambly," I could have put in a lot more vivid succulent detail, but I am tired from my run :)

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