Friday, March 9, 2007

So... This post is for my good friends Sam and Gretchen. Sam is currently defending our country. Hands down, He is one of my best friends, and his lovely wife- Gretchen has been a good friend for several years now...

Yesterday, working at the ranch, I dropped some guests off at a dogsledding venue. There, they had little puppies- 11 day olds running around in the waiting area-shack thing. The lil' ankle biters were rampant! Chewing on peoples' shoe laces, etc., sleeping one second then puppy-growling the next.

This got me thinking, and so really, I just want to show the cuteness of the Chamberlian's pup- Jasper. He is a Malamud little boy. He is guaranteed to be so much larger than this photo depicts- it was taken in September when I visited Anchorage, Alaska- my second trip to the beautiful land of the last frontier. I guess I could be called "uncle Kev" because I love this little guy as though he were my own- only I don't have to water him, walk him, clean up after him, or anything- I pretty much just get him all riled up and then turn him over to his loving owners- like any good uncle would :)

So anyway... with Spring-like weather here in Clark, I count down my return to Appalachia, family, and more adventures. AEE is coming up in mid-April. I am presenting my first workshop at the regional level and I hope all goes well... I am kind of nervous, but am sure it will all work out in the end. I can't wait for great climbing, homecomings, and NCOBS.

I also recertify my WFR in Burlington, VT in late April- which should be a blast. I am still considering Merlefest.... so.... any takers- let me know!

I miss all of you, and I hope life is good!

Don't forget to smile.....


Jasper and Me in the C's backyard, Sept. 2006.

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Amelia said...

yeah sweet alright!!! kevs is blogging!

but... not all of us know these abbreviations that you write...