Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Madness, Sunshine and the roof of my 4Runner


Today I grew a little frustrated because I work a lot and am unable to get much time off. I stuck up for myself and actually will have more than 2 days off this month!!! WOOHOO! I was kind of harboring angst towards the guy who does my schedule, mostly because the month of march is the first time all season he has made one for me :) ... with three weeks of the season to spare.
<----The office

And then...

Today was BEAUTIFUL in North Routt County. A high of 45, sunny, clear skies- totally KAVU. When I left work this afternoon I pulled out the book I am currently reading: Exploring the Power of Solo, Silence, and Solitude, pulled out the Crazy Creek, and hopped up on the roof of my 4Runner and read for about an hour and a half.... ahhhh... just what I needed.

That's right- on the roof of my 4Runner... what a totally sweet place to read a book! Don't tell me you've never seen the world perspective from arriba su auto! It is a neat place to relax, chill, or chillax even. So I hope this blog posting finds you well... and that will be all for now!

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