Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Exodus: T-minus three... two...

With three weeks left in Clark, I begin to project how my travels east will be. Will the weather hold out? Will my travels be safe and sound? How will this first major adventure pan out? These questions are raised constantly in my mind.

Savoring every last turn that I am afforded to carve and "dropping a knee" as much as I am able, my escapes to the backcountry offer peace, silence and solitude. Life is good.

I drive away from Clark on April 1st, and will mosey back to West Virginia where I will spend a few days with some of the latest candidates for the Adventure West Virginia leadership crew. I am excited to get back to my Alma Mater, for the (hopefully) warm weather, good climbing, and stellar friends back in the hills.

After attending the co-regional Northeast/Mid-Atlantic AEE conference, I will head to Vermont to recertify my WFR then it is down to North Carolina! NOCBS training starts in May, ends in June, and two days after I lead my first three-week expedition.

I hope NCOBS and me will be a good fit, thus far, it should be considered my dream job.
Although a short entry, this is it for now-- I will post more when I get a minute, as things are hectic, crazy, and a turbulent mix of emotions as the light draws near at the end of the first tunnel of this life called Adventure.

Thus far, these are the Adventures of Kev

KMS - out.

On the job, guiding at the ranch...

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