Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Morning Jacket...


So, last night, I go to our local watering hole "The White Bison Pub" with some of the cook staff from the ranch... One of the Chefs, who does a lot of our baking, "Pastry Chef" if you will, requests for Phil, one of the Bison owners, to play his (Paul's) DVD of a My Morning Jacket live concert.


Man... I mean, these guys... ARE AWESOME.

Now, many of you who know me hopefully know that, although we are all slaves to trends and fashions, etc. ... I really don't feel too much pressure from "the industry," or, from some external source to take on the current/latest fad...

I guess the only reason I really mention this is because My Morning Jacket seems kind of passe...Well, not passe, but, they got all of the radio play about two years ago.... they kind of burst on to the scene from nowhere... Their initial flare has not died off, I guess I am just trying to say I felt no pressure to run out and buy their album before- when it was the newest, hottest, must have thing.

BUT- WOW. After watching that DVD? Those guys OWN the stage. They are in control of what you experience...and I'd like to think that is art, or at least a certain approach to the arts. To have that mastery of one's tools is truly.... "proficient"!

Anyway- one of my chef friends just told me that I am "opinionated". I think he's right, but I certainly don't want that to offend anyone. I think, if we carry the thought process out enough, especially in a reflective way, we are all opinionated... I mean, critical thinking requires weighing A against B, testing the differences, etc. and drawing conclusions as a result.

I guess knowing when to conclude those results is key- some people aren't interested in YOUR conclusions? I dunno....

But really, the only thing I can seem to conclude for this entry is that My Morning Jacket rocks.
I wish I had jumped on the band wagon earlier- maybe I would have enjoyed my MMJ experience earlier on? I don't mind being a listener in their controlled environment...


2 weeks until I load up my life in the big green 4Runner and head east.... Climb on!


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